Solar Photovoltaic - Produces Electricity + Income

 Solar Photo Voltaic systems utilise energy from the sun (free energy) to generate electricity. Installing a Solar PV system will reduce your electricity bills and households who generate their own electricity will be eligible for a FIT payment for KWh generated.


The location and position of the solar panels is important, to allow for maximise daylight and minimise any full or partial shading. Solar PV systems will supply some or all of the power you need. Space Renewable Energy will in most cases install a system that is grid connected.  This type of system will enable you to draw electricity from the grid automatically when no light is available. Space Renewable Energy Ltd install a variety of high quality solar photo voltaic panels from 190W to 280W but can also supply other makes and models according to the customer's requirements.


If you are considering a installation contact Space Renewable Energy Ltd on 02392 341835 or use the following link to find out  more about the Renewable Heating Incentive, The Home Energy Assessment or further details about the Green Deal.