New Contract Awarded in Portsmouth

Space Renewable Energy Ltd has announced details of a further two contracts in Portsmouth adding to its recent tally of wins over the last couple of months.

Portsmouth City Council confirmed details of the new deal, for the installation of 116kw of PV spread out across several roofs in the Portsmouth area.

Space Renewable Energy Ltd won the contract under the Portsmouth City council Contractors Framework and Work begins on the project on the 16th March. The installations will be handed over in 2 phases.

Space Renewable Energy Ltd’s Managing Director Steve Jackson said: “We are winning repeat business with clients and local authorities in the area based on our reputation for delivering high quality and sustainable technologies.

“These recent wins underline Space Renewable Energy Ltd’s continued commitment to reinforcing our presence here in the south region and the value we place on its potential for future business. Going forward, we also intend to expand our work in the Electrical sector to increase our market share and further strengthen our position and brand on a wider, regional basis.”

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