Installing The Grid Of Tomorrow

Space Renewable Energy Ltd offer renewable heating and electrical systems to domestic and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

The Company offers a complete package, from survey, design, planning approval, installation, commission, completion.

Space Renewable Energy Ltd offer expertise in all renewable energy products, 

such as Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal panels, Solar PV panels to Under-floor heating systems. 
We specialise in the linking of renewable energy sources to existing heating systems,
such as multi-fuel boiler stoves, and solar panels connected to existing gas/oil heating systems via thermal stores.
At Space Renewable Energy Ltd we are constantly keeping up to date with the continuously evolving renewable energy markets
to ensure that we are able to advise our customers with informed and current facts and able to give our customers independent and educated advice.
Because we are not tied to any manufacturer or supplier, we can design and supply a system that best suits our customer's needs.

Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Installations utilise Energy from the sun (free energy) to generate electricity. The arrays are best positioned south to maximise daylight.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems use heat from the sun working with a conventional secondary water heating system to provide domestic water.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps systems extracts free low temperature heat from the surrounding air and harness this energy to provide space, heating and domestic hot water.


Electrical works

Space Renewable Energy has a vast experience in domestic and commercial electrical rewiring etc. And all works are notified to building control.

Design and Consultancy

Space Renewable Energy's experience working with domestic customers, main contractors and mechanical consultants ensures that the correct System is designed for the job.

If you are considering a domestic installation contact Space Renewable Energy Ltd  
on 02392 341835 or use the following link to find out more about the Renewable Heating Incentive, 
The Home Energy Assessment or further details about the Green Deal.